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Newbie X core

Ok dudes, so I'm a newbie.

Shocking, is it not? I really need to say why I'm here? I's pretty obvious.

My name is Chelsea [God..if you ask me if I changed my name just for him I will e-kill you kthx] and I'm 14 years old. I just started high school and I positively hate because a lot of "friend" drama has been going on. Not cool. I'm from Long Island, New York and um I love <3 love <3 x109485934859.999992 music.

When I get through high school I'd love to either attend college in Chicago, somewhere near Chicago, or somewhere on the coast of California. Basically...not in New York. I want to get into the music industry. One of my many idols is John Feldmann so I'd love to do what he does. I want to be lead vox in a band and also a music producer because it would be so rad to meet all these cool kids in bands. I'd like to help out these poor strong island kids [yes I hate Long Island but I like the bands..even though 83% have saxaphones].

I'm done.

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